Course Description

This workshop helps you learn and apply Kepner-Tregoe techniques that will improve your ability to cut through the clutter, resolve critical issues, and act decisively. You will have the opportunity to use new skills in realistic case studies and address work-related issues. You will learn to maximize the critical thinking skills essential for effective, efficient collaboration across teams, functions, and geographies.


Skills Developed

•Find the cause of challenging problems using a fact-driven approach

•Identify and plan for the resolution of high-priority issues

•Make complex decisions aligned with strategic and operational priorities

•Understand and manage risks proactively when executing projects and initiatives

•Promote and maximize the benefits of future opportunities


Develop your next generation of leaders

Audience: Managers, executives, and employees at any level who are required to solve problems, make decisions, and implement plans will benefit from this workshop. Broaden your critical thinking capabilities and improve your performance by becoming an issue resolution leader.

Location: Tokyo

Language : Deliver in English


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