Michael Curran-HaysMichael Curran-Hays directs Kepner-Tregoe operations in the U.S. and Canada. This is the largest corporate division, generating half of all revenues. Mr. Curran-Hays provides executive leadership for all consulting and training services in the region including client-specific, integrated teams of Kepner-Tregoe professionals.

Previously Mr. Curran-Hays was director of professional development, building advanced consulting and training resources for Kepner-Tregoe on a global basis.

Mr. Curran-Hays joined Kepner-Tregoe in 1998 as a consultant specializing in analyzing organizational processes, facilitating issue resolution, designing and implementing project management systems, and transferring critical thinking skills in client organizations.

His expertise is in cost management, operational improvement, and strategy formulation. Clients he has worked with include Bayer AG, Corning, Johnson & Johnson, Prudential, Sun Microsystems, FIDC, and HCFA.

Prior to joining Kepner-Tregoe, Mr. Curran-Hays was the longtime president of The Professional Service Group, Inc. He has also been an independent consultant and a researcher working in both lab and plant environments at Arco Metals. His executive leadership and consulting expertise is enhanced by his experience in operational enhancements, strategy formulation, and the design and administration of cost-benefit analyses.

Mr. Curran-Hays holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Arizona. He resides with his wife and children in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.