Barbara Stoeber Barbara Stoeber is Chief Information Officer with Kepner-Tregoe, Inc. (KT). As CIO, Barbara is responsible for telecommunications and information technology in support of KT’s business processes, products and services. In her role she oversees the support and development of eThink which includes technical pre- and post sales support, customization and version development. She has particular expertise in designing and implementing solutions for the application of standard and customized applications of eThink to help clients implement eThink within their organizations to meet their needs and produce meaningful results. Other areas of focus have included the design, compilation and analysis support for diagnostic surveys. Barbara has worked with such clients as: Allied, Chase, Cinergy, Honda, Nokia, Pfizer, Sears, Southern California Nuclear, Southwest Gas, St. Paul (formerly USF&G), and Wyle Laboratories.

Prior to joining KT, Barbara was founder and president of Accounting Solutions, Inc., a consultancy specializing in helping organization implement business software. She also provided technical consulting to a variety of clients in manufacturing and professional services. Her work included the design and development of custom order processing and accounting systems, computer-aided instructional software, simulation programming, technical instruction for development teams, project lead and technical market research.

Barbara received her Bachelor of Science degree in computer science and mathematics from Montclair State University and a Master of Business Administration from Fairleigh Dickinson University.